Gregory Bezilla is chaplain of the Episcopal Campus Ministry at Rutgers.  He has served as a hospital chaplain in Trenton and a parish priest in Rumson, NJ.  When not on trekking on his bike, walking the dog or sitting on his porch, he likes to spend time in the kitchen cooking for family and friends

greetings from Greg ...

I've always lived on or around an academic campus. I have been a student at the Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, and Emory University. I grew up in a university town and still live there. I'm married to Jacqueline Lapsley, a seminary professor. I'm very excited to be at Rutgers!

At a university God is glorified in the laboratories, libraries and classrooms, where science and learning are advanced. In the film Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell, who ran for Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics, declares "God made me fast," and "when I run, I feel his pleasure." I believe that God also takes pleasure in us when we delight in our intellectual gifts and use them in service to the world.

At Rutgers students are discovering their gifts and vocations---a sense of purpose that comes from enjoying our gifts and using them in service to God and our world. The church is present on and around the campus to be a community where vocations may be discerned through worship, prayer, service and fellowship.

We all are seekers on the campus (and off). We are seeking understanding of God, and we are seeking knowledge of our world. We are seeking wisdom, the integration of faith and knowledge. We want to be known, even as we desire to know God. Our hearts desire friendship and companionship. I believe that we find what we are seeking and satisfy our deepest desires when we gather as a church for worship, prayer, service and fellowship.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Dela Cruz is our campus ministry intern.  He’s a Jersey native, having lived in the New York-New Jersey area his whole life. He is a 2007 Rutgers University graduate, with a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science. After school, Chris worked for The Star-Ledger as a reporter and online editor for three years, until he left my job and enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary.

A word from Chris: “Attending a Christian seminary was the last thing on my mind when I was at Rutgers. I was a devout atheist coming into school, and my coming into faith and calling into seminary have been unexpected twists in my life. I became heavily involved in an upstart, non-traditional Christian congregation called Outreach Red Bank Community Church, which eventually led me to seminary. I enjoy reading, discussing politics, playing guitar, watching Pixar movies, and spending time with my wife, Amanda.”

        Mark Dilsizian is the resident manager of Canterbury House, helping us to be a place of Christian hosptiality.

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  1. old movies

  2. cooking

  3. walking the dog


  1. playing guitar

  2. Pixar movies

  3. discussing politics


  1. Bible study

  2. computers

  3. Armenia!


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Ellen Little is the Methodist campus pastor at Rutgers and a friend and ecumenical associate of Canterbury House.